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Press Release March 18th 2010: FOI revelation that Kerry Councillor John Brassil earns over €100,000 in expenses over 5 years from Shannon Development reignites rezoning controversy

New information released under the Freedom of Information Act has revealed that from 2005 to November 2009 Councillor John Brassil received €109,557.09 from Shannon Development - €87,504 of that figure being  directors fees alone.

Director Brassil told the “Kerryman” Newspaper of September 11 2008:
“I have always acted for the benefit of the people I serve and bringing 500 jobs and a €500 million investment to north Kerry is absolutely what I’m elected for”.

He never mentioned the thousands of euros he was receiving in expenses from Shannon
Development when he voted to rezone the Shannon Development-owned lands for the proposed Shannon LNG terminal from rural to industrial without declaring any beneficial interests.

No strategic assessment was undertaken before the variation to the county development plan took place in March 2007 in order to rezone the lands even though the development would have a significant effect on the Shannon Estuary. The  rezoned lands are adjacent to environmentally designated habitats - including SAC, NHA and SPA zones.

Kerry County Council did not make any mention of the Shannon LNG project at the SEA screening stage even though Shannon Development had already received €493,000 from Shannon LNG at least three months before the rezoning decision took place.

The FOI revelations have now been forwarded to the Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO). On July 15th 2009, SIPO, declared that it was not continuing the investigation any further because a beneficial interest "must be an interest of the members themselves”.

'Safety Before LNG' criticises recent comments by John Brassil, now Chairman of Shannon Development, for his call for the Foreshore Licensing process to be speeded up. "Following the news that he has received over €100,000 in the last 5 years from Shannon Development, John Brassil has now lost all credibility of objectiveness in calling for a Shannon LNG foreshore licence without any strategic assessment of  the Shannon Estuary."

The breakdown of the expenses paid to John Brassil by Shannon Development are as follows:
  Breakdown of Expenses paid to John Brassil