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Press Release 23rd April 2010: Foreshore Licence given  without  SEA proves double standards in Ireland and condemned as Legal Corruption and a breach of the Public Trust Doctrine.

It has been confirmed by the Department for the Environment that Shannon LNG has been awarded Foreshore Licences for the marine aspects of the proposed LNG regasification terminal at Tarbert, despite findings by the EU Commission that a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) should first be undertaken on the project because more than 10,000 people were affected, and without any public hearing on the  matter.

Minister John Gormley had confirmed to us orally at the end of March that he would demand an SEA before deciding on a Foreshore Licence.  This was not done and instead, a decision was made behind closed doors to deliberately ignore EU Directives, following what we believe to be intense pressure from the gas lobby. We condemn this decision as legal Corruption.

We now accuse the Irish government and Statutory Bodies of applying double standards in the implementation of EU Direcitves in Ireland. Small farmers and ordinary consumers are hounded into obeying a plethora of rules while large oil and gas companies can pollute at will.

We also accuse the Irish Government and Statutory bodies of a breach of the Public Trust Doctrine enshrined in Articles 40 to 45 of the Constitution where there is a duty on the State to protect public property for the benefit of the people of Ireland - not a large gas corporation, Hess LNG, registered in the offshore tax haven of the Cayman Islands.

Ireland must exercise its powers consistent with the  Public Trust and cannot accede to the demands of private interests over the state's responsibility to its citizens as enshrined in the Constitution. Equally, lands below the high water mark should not be appropriated by or conferred upon private individuals or companies for purely private benefit in a manner which is detrimental to the safety and wellbeing of the people and the state.

Transparency International, in March 2009, in a study funded by the Irish Government Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform, found that in Ireland, “personal relationships, patronage, political favours, and political donations are believed to influence political decisions and policy to a considerable degree." This “legal corruption”, as Transparency International terms it, is the root cause our grievance because we believe that a political decision was made to site the LNG terminal on the southern shores of the Shannon Estuary and now the development consent bodies are only “ticking the boxes” to give permission for this terminal without any strategic planning or concern for the environment or health and safety of the thousands of people living within the danger zone of this development.

Hess LNG still require a licence to pollute from the Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA) , whose director general, Dr. Mary Kelly, has already been quoted in the 'Irish Times' of October 9th 2008 as stating:

"Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs) would have to be imposed on all major projects, while the State must comply with EU environmental legislation".

Hess LNG also requires confirmation from the EU that it will be allowed an exemption from regulated third party access to the proposed LNG terminal for 25 years.

Click here for the deparment's decision on the Foreshore Licence.

Click here to download a history of the Landbank from the Kerry's Eye journalist who  opposed the Smelter in the area 30 years ago, but who now wholeheartedly supports an LNG terminal. (7.5 MB)