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Press Release 14th June 2011: Hess LNG publicly pulls out of Fall River LNG project at Massachusetts.

A big congratulations from Ireland to the good people of Fall River. You are an inspiration to us in Ireland fighting the Hess LNG/Shannon LNG project due to the proposed sterilisation of one of the best deep-water ports in the north west of Europe on the Shannon Estuary.

We believe that Gordon Shearer's position has now become untenable because of his poor judgement on the Fall River project and because he has tarnished the reputation of the LNG industry in general due to his total public disregard for the safety of people (for example he laughed at an oral hearing here as he affirmed that he had indeed stated that an LNG accident would be the 'largest Roman candle in the world') .

The example shown by Hess LNG in Fall River does not inspire us in Ireland on the committment to safety in the proposed Shannon LNG project and we believe that Hess Corporation should objectively assess the suitability of Gordon Shearer to be CEO of Hess LNG (a company registered in the offshore tax haven of the Cayman Islands). We believe that Gordon Shearer's efforts to keep his own job intact following his disgraceful behavoiur in Fall River will now become his priority and this will effect his judgement on the proposed Shannon LNG project as well.

Well done Fall River. You have made history around the world.

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Hess LNG Withdraws Proposal for Massachusetts Project

FALL RIVER, Mass., June 13, 2011 -- Hess LNG L.L.C. said today that unfavorable economics for liquefied natural gas in the New England region have prompted it to withdraw applications with federal and state agencies for the Weaver’s Cove LNG project in Fall River, Mass. Hess LNG said it will focus its efforts on more viable projects elsewhere.

“The significant increase in natural gas production from shale resources in North America resulting in lower prices as well as the growth in demand for LNG in the rest of the world make it unlikely the company can secure supplies of LNG on economic terms attractive enough to ensure the sustained profitability of the project,” said Gordon Shearer, President of Hess LNG.

The company will concentrate in the near term on its other LNG projects including Shannon, Ireland. Hess LNG retains ownership of the Fall River site and will consider options for the site, including a sale.


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