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Press Release February 22nd 2018:

Over One Thousand people object to Shannon LNG Extension of Planning.

23 Environmental Groups unite in common cause against Shannon LNG. 

Over one thousand people signed objections to the extension of planning for the abandoned Shannon LNG project on the Shannon Estuary
that were deposited at An Bord Pleanala in time for the 5.30 deadline for submissions today.

Organised by Friends of the Earth at 2 days notice the groundswell of support against the whole Shannon LNG project was astonishing
in its rapid response to a simple message  from Friends of the Earth which stated:

The 1,001 people who signed the petition by close of business today did so on the clear understanding that their objection
would be deposited today in time to be considered by 
An Bord Pleanala.

And, in an unprecedented step, 23 Environmental Groups from Ireland, Belgium, Germany and the USA united in one
joint submission against the extension of planning for the Shannon LNG terminal which has been abandoned by its US sponsor,
the giant Amerada Hess corporation. 

The group highlighted 7 main areas of concern:
1. An LNG terminal would have a devastating effect on the biodiversity of what is now a Special Protected Area.
2. Building LNG infrastructure is completely incompatible with Ireland’s climate targets.
3. New research as to the warming effects of methane mean that gas can no longer be viewed as a transition fuel.
4. Any integration of Ireland into the global LNG industry would make the Irish people complicit in the exploitation
of communities abroad by the fracking industry.

5. Major new developments in renewable energy means that LNG is no longer necessary as a source of energy
or guarantee of energy security.

6. Global trends against the fossil fuel industry show that investors are prioritising green development and
turning away from ties with fossil fuel infrastructure.

7. International law now demands greater public consultation on environmental issues.

They noted that the BNP Paribas Group, a leading financial services provider in Europe and worldwide, has announced on 11 October 2017 that the
will no longer do business with companies whose principal business activity is the exploration, production, distribution, marketing or
trading of oil and gas from shale and/or oil from tar sands.“
Furthermore, it “will no longer finance LNG terminals that predominantly
liquefy and export gas from shale.“

The group also highlighted the fact that by law it is only allowed to extend planning by 5 years at most but the construction phase
 of the project would be 6 years in total (4 years for the first 2 tanks and 24 months for the other 2).

An Bord Pleanala will find it next to impossible to give an extension of planning for a project that was never even started and that
they know cannot be built in the maximum 5 years allowed.
 We wonder what trick they will use to get around that one.

The submissions from 4 different countries prove that the proposed Shannon LNG terminal is
a project with local, national  and international consequences well aware of the fact that EU countries can burn gas for just nine more years
 before exhausting their share of the earth's carbon budget to keep global warming below 2 degrees.

The development will take longer than 5 years to complete, beyond the amount of time allowed to extend permission.  
The development has not even started. No works have been carried out. 
The development will not be completed within any reasonable time as there is no investor in the project which was abandoned by Hess in 2015.
There are no measures beyond the control of the applicant which have prevented the development from beginning - especially since 2015 when the backer of the project pulled out and the regulatory regime has not changed since 2015. 
The company is now owned by Paddy Power and his son with no backing from any company large enough to finance a €600 million project. 
Given all the commitments made by Ireland since the date of the permission in 2008 to fight Climate Change the development would no longer be consistent
with proper planning and sustainable development. 
The project will only deliver 25 long-term jobs on completion of 2 storage tanks. 
There has still been no Appropriate Assessment, No Strategic Environmental Assessment , no HSA advice given on the project ,no LNG Quantitative Risk Assessment on the waters which have been declared SAC since planning was given, and no SEA screening since the new Programme for Government
and  since Shannon LNG was added  - through heavy political lobbying - onto the proposed PCI list. 

These issues seem to give very strongly evidence-based reasons why the proposed extension of the planning permission for the proposed Shannon LNG project is Material,  will have a Significant Effect on the Environment on what is currently agricultural grazing land and why  the application to extend planning permission on the shelved Shannon LNG project should be refused on all grounds.

Notes to the Editor:

1. The petition can be viewed at

2. The list of Environmental Groups in the Joint Submission include:

1. Not Here, Not Anywhere

2. Food & Water Europe

3. Food & Water Watch

4. Berks Gas Truth

5. Oil Change International

6. Daily Kos, Kos Media LLC

7. Americans Against Fracking 

8. California Coastal Protection Network

9. Good Energies Alliance Ireland

10. Fracking Free Ireland  -

11. Tanya Jones

12. North West Network against Fracking

13. MARDI (Making a Real Difference Ireland) 

14. Communities for Sustainable Environment Company Ltd

15. Friends of the Earth Ireland

16. Friends of the Earth Europe

17. People’s Climate Clare  

18. Clare Environmental Network

19. Belcoo Frack Free

20. Frack Action New York  

21. No Fracking Ireland 

22. Gluaiseacht

23. Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network

24. Safety Before LNG

The American Company Hess that created the Irish Subsidiary Shannon LNG for the purpose of the proposed LNG plant has completely abandoned the project - both publicly and legally. Shannon LNG has now became little more than a shelf company entirely owned by Sambolo Resources, a company registered in Dublin whose 2 shareholders are the CEO of Shannon LNG (Paddy Power) and his son John with  Sarah Govereny  as company secretary.
4. The owner of the land, Shannon Properties (formerly known as Shannon Development), has put the land up for sale and is just trying to sweat the asset as land with planning permission for an LNG terminal.

 FOE Petition No Shannon LNG