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Press Release September 7th 2018:

Shannon LNG permission put on hold in Dublin High Court.

Friends of the Irish Environment dramatically stop Shannon LNG planning permission on the last day. 

Dramatic events unfolded in the High Court in Dublin yesterday. Yesterday was the last day for objecting to the crazy Shannon LNG planning permission and the only way the Irish planning system would now allow it is through a Judicial Review application in the High Court in Dublin.

On the last possible day, along come the calvary in the form of Friends of the Irish Environment.
A judicial review application was lodged in the High Court against the planning permission.

Well Done Friends of the Irish Environment. The people of North Kerry thank you for your common sense. Everybody knows that shipped fracked gas from America is dirtier than coal and will have a disastrous effect on the  climate. Ireland is set to pay around half  a billion euros in fines from 2020 due to its failures to meet its climate change committments so why should we be investing in gas infrastructure for the next 40 years which will lead to even more fossil fuel lock-in?

The extension of permission for Shannon LNG did not even consider the Climate Change agreement of 2015, it only looked at the state of the environment 10 years ago.
We are in a very different place now.

The huge marketing push of the last few weeks by Shannon LNG was just a ploy to sell its fraked gas import idea as a done deal.

The events in the High Court once again prove that it is the NGO sector in Ireland that leading the way in common sense.