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Press Release November 15th 2018:

M.E.P. Sean Kelly is asked to declare his position on Fracked Gas in the Irish Energy Mix following his attendance at Regional Gathering of the National Dialogue on Climate Action.


M.E.P. Sean Kelly, attended the Second Regional Gathering of the National Dialogue on Climate Action  organised by the Irish Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment to explore how we, as a nation can work together to take action on climate change.

The Convention, held at the Rose Hotel in Tralee
, County Kerry on November 10th, 2018, heard that gas is no longer a transitional fuel, that fracked gas is dirtier than coal,  and that the number one climate threat in Ireland is fracked gas due to plans by New Fortress Energy to import fracked US gas to the proposed Shannon LNG project in the Shannon Estuary. This was not the thinking 10 years ago when the Shannon LNG project initially obtained planning permission.

Given the most up-to-date scientific information that now proves that fracked gas is dirtier than coal, local lobby group 'Safety Before LNG' is now asking M.E.P. Sean Kelly to make a public statement on his position on fracked gas in the Irish Energy Mix.

The group also asks MEP Sean Kelly to declare if the Irish authorities are already involved in negotiating imports of Shale gas or LNG in terms of long or short-term contracts, given that there is no public policy to support fracked gas in the Irish Energy Mix. The extension of the expired planning permission for the Shannon LNG project is currently being seriously challenged in the Irish High Court on environmental grounds, including that no account has been taken of the environmental obligations of the Paris Climate Agreement ratified by Ireland.  

Safety Before LNG