You are killing people and you are poisoning people and it's not going to be looked upon kindly ">
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Press Release October 21st 2019:

Mark Rufallo Warns 

Ireland and  Shannon LNG 

they are killing Americans:

"You are litterally killing people 

and you are poisoning people 

and it's not going to be looked upon kindly"

Click here to hear Mark Ruffalo Statements against Shannon LNG,


Transcripts of   Mark Ruffalo Statements against Shannon LNG,

Hi, It's Mark Ruffalo.I just want to thank everyone on the call and all the people who are doing good work to stop this. It's particularly distressing to hear that the Irish Government is heading down this road, especially from someone who has experienced the oil and gas industry first hand for the last decade. The one thing I would say to you as you make this decision, and which has been borne out over and over again is that the oil and gas industry is just a bunch of - it's like a syndicate in crime group - everywhere they go, they lie, they obfuscate, they diminish the harms and build up the economic gains. The harms are greater, the economic gains are all flat. And what you happening again and again is that they come into an area, thrash it and then leave and you're stuck with the bill. And Ireland is about to go down this road at a moment  when the rest of the world is transitioning away from these fossil fuels.

But I want to speak particularly about the harm you are doing to your brothers and sisters here in America. The one thing we have all come to realise is, climate change is a global issue, and that what you do there affects us here, that all the boundaries and ideas of a country, and a city or a state are all obliterated in the face of climate change. But I've been in the places - first of all there is no such thing as gas coming out of America that isn't fracked. So, I don't care what they're telling you, the fact of the matter is the only way of getting gas out of America now is by fracking. The reason we're having a boom in natural gas in America is because of fracking. And I have been to the communities you guys will be extracting from and you are literally killing people.

And you're poisoning people.

And it's not going to be looked upon kindly.

You are creating what the oil and gas industry themselves call sacrificial zones, where they're sacrificial human beings, to bring you the gas that you believe you need,for a quick fix that isn't going to fix the long term problems of energy.

And lastly, you are sending all of your energy dollars outside of the continent of Europe.

And if you are really grounding this on economic issues, why would you be sending all of your energy money outside of your country, when you could be keeping that money in your country by creating your own energy through the approved climate-safe ventures -  such as wind, water and sun. This is an opportunity for Ireland to become truly  energy independent.


You can't talk about energy independence and energy security, when you are importing natural gas from an area of poor people that are suffering and being harmed that's in a totally other country a whole ocean away.

And so I implore you to think for the future, to think for the children, to think for the people who are immediately being harmed here in the United States. And do the right thing here.


Ireland has been a beacon of intelligence and rationale around this issue and you are about to completely, hypocritically, move into creating an LNG gas pipeline and infrastructure in the face of banning fracking and saying you did it for the right reasons. So, give us a hand over here. We'll keep giving you a hand over there. We are no longer separated by our borders.  

We have to look out for each other. And Irish people have always been so thoughtful, and so courageous, and have earned that through the fight and struggle that your people made. You know what it is like to be at the receiving end of a system that's unfair and looks at you as sacrificial. And that's what you are doing to America. And you're doing it to Pennsylvania and many other parts of America to take on this kind of system. That's the end of my comments. I want to thank everyone for being here.


 Q: Mark , why did this project catch your attention.?


Well, many of my friends who we worked with to ban fracking are involved in this. And I've worked very closely with Julia Walsh of Frack Action and I just see. You know, I've been fighting against fracking and fossil fuels for the past decade. [..] The two go hand in hand.


Q: On whether Mark had any direct contact with the Taoiseach since his letter last week?

I only got an automatic response saying that he had received the letter, but I have had no communication, although I am open to a greater discussion, if he is willing to get on the phone.



Q What Irish Government should be doing to make us more aware of the fact that our actions can have these massive consequences in countries thousands of miles away?


A. Well, I mean, One thing that has always been very effective is just to come and tour the places where this devastation is ongoing. The other way is there's so many people who have been on the receiving end of this in the United States who have spoken out, who have testified to their woes and their troubles. There is a human dimension to all of this and it's something that is never taken into account when you hear it from the oil and gas industry. I can't reiterate enough to you how much this industry lies. And they will say anything, and do anything and obfuscate anything in order to get what they want. We saw it time and time again. I mean, I don't want to... it's terrible to have to remind everyone here the fact of the matter is they thought about climate change for 50 years. They knew that water was being contaminated, that air was being contaminated, that land was being contaminated by fracking here in New York and Pennsylvania for ten years  and they lied and said it was never happening. There is almost nothing that comes out of this industry's mouth or PR system that's true. And there is plenty of evidence, you can see anywhere, look anywhere and see that that's actually true. But, come and visit. You know.  Come and listen to the people. We could get people to testify there. We'll bring our people to you. Your know, There is no reason to rush this. Sure.



So I would say this. It's going to take you two years to build this, okay. In that time you could actually start building out solar and you could start building out wind projects that will employ so many more people, that will keep your energy dollars in your own country instead of sending them away to the United States and, and, it will give you energy security. So, there are ways to go about this that aren't just simply importing natural gas from a whole ocean away. When you think about it, it's ridiculous that you would think that would give you energy security because all that has to happen is one major storm, or a country as crazy as the United States is becoming these days to say, hey, you know what, it's not in our security interest to send it to you. And so you are at the whim of the United States which is increasingly becoming  more and more unstable and unreliable on the world stage. And so I would say, if you are serious about energy security, then you do it in your country with the resources that you already have available to you, that are falling down all around you every single day.



 Click here to hear Mark Ruffalo Statements against Shannon LNG,