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Press Release October 23rd 2019:

Green Party Leader Gives Taoiseach The Green Red Line Against US Fracked Gas Imports by Shannon LNG: "This is a Climate Issue of the First Order"

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Leader of the Green Party, Eamon Ryan T.D. has now unequivocally drawn the Green Red Line in the Sand for the Fine Gael Party when he told the Taoiseach today, in no uncertain terms, that the proposed fracked gas import terminal on the Shannon "is a climate change issue of the first order" . He went on to say that  "This government, if it wants to show climate leadership should stop this project now".

The entire Movement Against Climate Breakdown is now speaking with one clear voice and one clear message for the whole world to hear: Get the idea of US fracked Gas imports to Ireland out of your minds, because it is never going to happen.  The voice of the movement against Climate Breakdown is getting louder and louder with leading members of the Environmental, Scientific, Legal  and political world queuing up to tell the Irish ruling party, Fine Gael, "Do the Right Thing" and take the  US fracked gas import project off the EU special status list called Projects of Common Interest (PCI).

If the government is serious about climate change, it cannot be seen to be giving the diritest of all fossil fuels, fracked gas, a free pass while inflicting higher and higher carbon taxes on individuals with no choice. 

One senior member in the one of the big parties in Ireland this week revealed that  "the Greens will get whatever they want" as a coalition partner in any future government after the elections which are due to take place within months in Ireland - in which it is expected to emerge holding the balance of power.   Fine Gael and Fianna Fail would do well to reassess their own questionable support for the fracked gas project if they hope to be able to attract environmental parties into a possible coalition after the next election.

 Eamon Ryan is now clearly leveraging this position of power he has at the moment in Irish politics in a movement that is slowly killing, with a thousand cuts, the proposed plans to import fracked gas from the USA to Ireland.


The Taoiseach's reply is what has really surprised observers for its inaccuracies.

Referring to the Irish gas field at Corrib, he stated that

"Corrib is going to run out quite soon. That leaves us with only the pipeline from the UK as our only source of gas".


However, Denis O'Sullivan, Managing Director of Gas Networks Ireland, had already confirmed to the Joint Committee on Communications, Climate Action and the Envrionment on October 14th, that Corrib had a lifespan of 12-15 years.

Mr O'Sullivan had also informed the Seanad Special Select Committee on October 8th that there were two interconnectors to the UK that operated in parallel,  and not one interconnector, as the Taoiseach stated today.

He went on to say:

"In terms of Security of Supply and the Interconnectors, as I mentioned, the interconnectors we have with the UK are extremely robust. They've been there since 1993. We haven't had a single outage on those, touch wood, and the fact that we completed a twinning of the last section of pipeline in Scotland last year gives two completely independent interconnectors with Scotland and puts us in a very robust position in terms of security of supply".

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 The exact statement by  Eamon Ryan in the Dáil today was as follows:

"The Minister says the PCI is in our common interest. I believe it is not. It does provide advanced planning for any project.  The Minister says it has planning already, but this planning is far from certain. And this will put it through a planning process  that I believe would not be appropriate and right.  The Minister says he is not going to support financing for it, but we don't know what the American government may do or what other actors may do to pursue this project. This is not in our interest. We found out only last week from questions asked by Ciaran Cuffe to the European Commission officials that it could be stopped tomorrow. I'm asking that you do that. That's in our common interest - not proceeding with it.

This is a climate change issue of the first order.  This government, if it wants to show climate leadership should stop this project now."


The Taoiseach replied as follows:

"Thanks Deputies.

This is a private sector project, not a government project, but the advice that we have is that  it could be useful  for Ireland when it comes to future energy security, recognising that we will continue to use natural gas  for the decades ahead. We're reliant at the moment on imported gas from the pipeline with the UK and gas from Corrib.

Corrib is going to run out quite soon. That leaves us with only the pipeline from the UK as our only source of gas . If that were ever cut off we would be in serious trouble, almost immediately. We would be facing brownouts and blackouts  quite frankly. And a terminal on the other side of the country gives us a potential alternative way to get gas in . And it doesn't  just have to be fracked gas. It could be sea gas".

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