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Press Release February 12th 2021: 

Irish Centre For Human Rights and NGOs issue Joint Statement calling on Government to implement Fracked Gas Import Ban in the Climate Bill following recommendation by Climate Committee

The Irish Centre for Human Rights’ Human Rights Law Clinic and local NGOs campaigning against LNG terminals, Fracking and Fracked Gas Imports into Ireland Friends of the Earth’, ‘Safety Before LNG’, ‘Love Leitrim’, ‘Belcoo Frack Free’ and ‘FutureProof Clare  have written to the 3 party leaders in Government with a Joint Statement calling on the Government to implement a ban on the importation of fracked gas in the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Bill 2020 ('Climate Bill').  They want the Government to insert into the Climate Bill a section that amends the Petroleum and Other Minerals Development Act 1960 in order to prohibit the importation or sale of fracked gas into Ireland

The Joint Statement  responds to the recommendation by the Joint Committee on Climate Action in its pre-legislative scrutiny report of the Climate Bill that the Minister address in the Bill and/or revert to the Committee with a comprehensive plan to ban the importation of fracked gas and specifically to ban LNG terminals in Ireland within the year 2021”.

The Joint Statement includes a legal opinion demonstrating that the proposed statutory ban is compatible with EU, EFTA and WTO trade rules. 

In November the High Court quashed development consent for Shannon LNG to construct a fracked gas import terminal on the Shannon Estuary. The Joint Statement  argues that now is the ideal opportunity to establish a legislative prohibition on importing fracked gas into Ireland. This is a measure that the 2020 Programme for Government and widespread public opinion support, and that scientific evidence shows increasingly to be necessary, as the Joint Statement and legal opinion explain.

The groups are appealing directly to Minister Ryan, as Minister in charge of the drafting of the Climate Bill on behalf of the government, to grasp this opportunity at a unique time where we have consensus from both the Programme for Government and the Climate Committee to take this meaningful climate action that will leave a legacy that will last beyond the lifetime of this government, namely a legislative and world-first ban on fracked gas imports.

A fracked gas import ban would demonstrate a willingness to tackle the world’s largest single super emitter of methane and one of the worst contributors to climate change. It would also  demonstrate solidarity and empathy with communities in Pennsylvania, Texas, Northern Ireland and elsewhere affected by, or threatened with, the scourge of fracking.  Such a ban would set Ireland on course to become a Global Climate Leader. Ireland would be the first country in the world to ban the importation of fracked gas having already implemented a legislative ban on fracking in 2017. The global trade in LNG is being fueled by the boom in climate-destructive fracking and both are inextricably linked.

A ban on fracked gas imports would also send a strong market signal to the fracking industry that Ireland would not be a market for fracked gas from Northern Ireland and would undermine the business case for fracking in Northern Ireland about which the Executive is expected to make a decision in the coming months.

Click here or here to view the full Joint Statement and legal opinion. 

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