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Press Release 16th April 2023:

150 Groups write an Open Letter to Green Party Minister for Energy, Eamon Ryan, on LNG U-turn.

In only 48 hours, 150 Groups from a cross section of Irish and International society, have signed an open letter to Energy Minister Eamon Ryan calling on him to confirm he will not make any LNG U-turn on the current agreed government policy against LNG and the importation of fracked gas to Ireland.

The signatories express deep concern about the recent article published in the Sunday Business Post on April 9th, which suggested that Green Party policy banning fracked gas terminals may be reversed, calling on the Green Party leader to confirm that this is not the case.

The Green Party policy was a red line issue in the negotiations to enter coalition with Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil.

Signatories include Trócaire, Friends of The Earth, Christian Aid Ireland and the Irish Wildlife Trust. Political support has been offered by various politicians including Senators Alice-Mary Higgins, Frances Black and David Norris, MEPs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly, TDs Bríd Smith, Paul Murphy, Mairéad Farrell and Neasa Hourigan and local councillors. There has been significant international support for the letter including from the Concerned Health Professionals of Pennsylvania and North American fracked communities that would be directly affected by the importation of US fracked gas into Ireland by LNG. Some of the most powerful testimonies in the comments accompanying the letter are from people in these impacted communities.

The comments attached to the open letter by signatories demonstrate the level of shock in civil society at the implications of a Green Party Minister changing the current official government policy against Fracked Gas imports and LNG terminals, in place since May 2021.

  • Leitrim IFA say “Leitrim IFA Farmers worked hard to bring about a ban on fracking and understand the threat importing fracked gas brings to both our own farm families and to affected communities in the United States”.
  • Concerned Health Professionals of Pennsylvania say “There is no method of fracking that is not a threat to health. LNG is certainly a threat to health and climate stability”.
  • Renowned Canadian Anti-Fracking activist Jessica Ernst from Alberta says: “If you allow LNG, which is frac'd gas (there is nothing natural about it), you and your government will cause more and more and more families to be harmed in North America, like I was. Don't do it. The harms are massive. There are better ways”.
  • Environmental Scientist, Dr. Laura Kehoe says "Both the scientific and the moral case are crystal clear, Shannon LNG must be stopped. To even consider new fossil fuel infrastructure in the age of climate breakdown is the height of absurdity".

The open letter was initiated by grassroots organisations Futureproof Clare, Safety Before LNG, Slí Eile and Love Leitrim. Minister Ryan is due to bring his recommendation on LNG to Government in the coming weeks. The initiators said the letter will remain open for sign ons until the final decision on LNG is made.


Notes to the editor

This is the open letter:

Open Letter to Minister for Energy, Eamon Ryan, Leader of the Green Party on LNG U-turn.
April 2023

Dear Minister Ryan,

We are deeply concerned about the recent article published in the Sunday Business Post on April 9th, which suggested that Green Party policy banning fracked gas terminals may be reversed, and we are calling on you to confirm that this is not the case.

An Bord Pleanála is currently awaiting your policy response to the outcome of the forthcoming energy review, before it rules on planning permission for the Shannon LNG US fracked gas import terminal.

We remind you of the following:

  • In October 2019, you told the Dáil: “This [Shannon LNG project] is a climate change issue of the first order. This government, if it wants to show its climate leadership should stop this project now".
  • The 2020 Programme for Government stated: “As Ireland moves towards carbon neutrality, we do not believe that it makes sense to develop LNG gas import terminals importing fracked gas. We do not support the importation of fracked gas and shall develop a policy statement to establish that approach”.
  • In June 2020, you tweeted: “.@SafetyBeforeLng rest assured, if we can agree to the #PFG [Programme for Government] we will implement the policies which will see an end to the importation of fracked gas via any LNG terminals in Ireland. We've better energy alternatives available & for everyone's sake we need to #keepitintheground”.
  • In May 2021, on behalf of the Irish government, you published a historic World’s First policy against the importation of fracked gas and stated: “Fracked gas causes environmental damage both locally where it is extracted and globally and Ireland, having banned its exploitation onshore, should not impose these environmental risks on other communities around the globe. I remain as determined as ever to halt the damage caused by fracking and will pursue all opportunities at a European level and also at an international level to do so”.
  • In October 2021, 76 Irish politicians joined over 1,500 people objecting to a new planning application lodged by Shannon LNG at An Bord Pleanála on planning, climate-mitigation, public health, environmental-protection and human-rights grounds. You also wrote directly as Minister for Energy to An Bord Pleanála stating “I wish to make it very clear that the permitting of this project would be in direct contravention to Government policy and therefore it should not, under any circumstances, be permitted”.
These statements highlight the importance of holding the line of the current agreed government policy against the importation of fracked gas to Ireland.

The war in Ukraine and the Nord Stream pipeline bombing are not reasons to import fracked gas, especially in the face of the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report which clearly states that “the continued installation of unabated fossil fuel infrastructure will ‘lock-in’ GHG emissions”. Your department commissioned the detailed research carried out by CEPA to inform the Energy Review you are now deciding on. The publication of this research was delayed to consider the full impacts of the war in Ukraine and especially the impact of a full suspension of all Russian pipeline exports of natural gas to European markets on Irish security of supply. A commercial LNG terminal, such as proposed by Shannon LNG, was still specifically ruled out as one of the preferred options in the scenario we now have with the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline.

In light of the Sunday Business Post article, we call on you to confirm publicly and without delay, that you will honour the commitment you made to the Irish electorate - to implement a policy of banning fracked gas imports via any LNG terminals in Ireland.

Yours sincerely

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