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Press Release January 30th 2024:

Irish Offshore reopens for gas exploration as New Inishkea Gas Field at Corrib approved by Irish Green Party Leader, Energy Minister Eamon Ryan - making a further mockery of his proposal for a US LNG fracked gas import terminal in Energy Security Strategy

- New Corrib gas field could flow gas within 2 to 4 years making LNG proposal in Irish Energy Srategy outdated and no longer fit for purpose
Energy Minister, Green Party leader Eamon Ryan, yesterday January 29th, approved a gas exploration licence extension in Corrib, County Mayo, at the huge Inishkea West field, which could see new gas flowing at Corrib within 2 to 4 years.

The recently published Energy Security Strategy had ruled out reopening the Irish offshore for new gas exploration, with Minister Ryan presenting the red herring of a US LNG fracked gas import terminal in Ireland to his Green Party supporters, NGOs, activists and the general public as the only option he was proposing to ensure energy security in Ireland

It is now even more clearly obvious that the Energy Security Strategy options proposed by Minister Ryan are outdated and no longer fit for purpose following his opening of the Irish Offshore. Minister Ryan's Energy Strategy report had claimed that the long lead in times of up to 17 years to produce gas ruled out the Irish offshore as "an appropriate solution to address medium-term concerns". All Minister Ryan seems to want to do is to increase gas demand and gas supply at breakneck speeed. It is hard to believe he has time to think about the public health, safety, pollution and climate impacts of all the fossil fuel solutions he is proposing at all!.

The full press release on the approval from Europa Oil & Gas (Holdings) plc can be viewed here.

John McElligott
Safety Before LNG