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Press Release April 4th 2024:

An Bord Pleanála documents reveal
New Fortress Energy scandalously paid over
€30 million to Irish State Bodies

during its failed Shannon LNG planning process

The latest payment of €3.5 million to Eirgrid during its planning process was admitted to An Bord Pleanála in November 2023.

Eirgrid has now been drawn in to the growing scandal of the over €30 million reported as having been paid by New Fortress Energy to Irish State Bodies during its failed planning application for its proposed Shannon LNG US fracked gas import after Shannon LNG informed An Bord Pleanála in November that it paid €3.5 million to Eirgrid, which, it says, it will lose if it does not get planning permission in a third attempt before November 4th, 2024.

The payments of €31.9 million that we know about break down as follows:
  • €3.5 million to EirGrid: In recent weeks, having lost all permissions last September for both an LNG terminal and power station, Shannon LNG confirmed it had begun a pre-application consultation with An Bord Pleanála regarding a proposal for a new LNG facility on the Shannon estuary, which it said was in line with Minister Ryan’s proposals in the Energy Security Strategy. In November, the company already separately completed pre-application consultation with An Bord Pleanála for a new 600MW power plant on the site, in which it confirmed that it would lose the €3.5 million deposit it paid Eirgrid for 373MW of auction capacity it was awarded in April 2023 if the power station does not get planning permission by the 4th of November 2024.
  • €2.4 million to Kerry County Council: Kerry County Council requested and was paid over €2.4 million by Shannon LNG after its planning permission for an onshore LNG terminal expired in 2018 and before it lodged a new planning application for a floating LNG teminal and 600 MW power station in Tarbert in 2021. Fine Gael Councillor Jim Finucane told the Irish Independent Newspaper that these payments were "good faith" contributions made by a company that was committed to the area. In May 2023, the Irish Ombudsman's office ruled that a complaint about the millions of euros paid by Shannon LNG to Kerry County Council before it lodged its latest planning application for an LNG terminal in Tarbert, County Kerry was "outside the remit of the Ombudsman and would be a matter for An Garda Siochána on the basis that corruption itself is a crime"
  • €25 million to Shannon Group (formerly Shannon Development), under the auspices of the Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan, for the entire 600-acres of the Tarbert-Ballylongford Landbank, on or before December 2021 at a time when it was against Government policy on the importation of fracked gas to allow an LNG terminal to be permitted or proceeded with.

In January, EirGrid's Ten-Year Generation Capacity Statement 2023-2032 noted: "Since last year’s GCS, 455 MW of previously awarded capacity has been withdrawn and the developers have paid termination charges. This is in addition to the previous 630 MW which was terminated. This means that most new predictable capacity that was expected to come online over the coming years has now withdrawn".

If an ordinary person paid out huge sums of money to State Bodies before a decision was made on his or her planning application, there would be uproar, but barely an eyebrow is raised when Shannon LNG does it. It is clear that the payments of over €30 million by Shannon LNG to Irish State Bodies as it was going through the planning process raise serious issues of concern and are scandalous!
Both EirGrid and Shannon Group are the responsibility of Green Party leader, Minister Eamon Ryan!


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