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7th February 2010:  Missing LNG Evacuation Plans

Dear All,
please see the following attachment sullivanLNGreport.pdf . It is very interesting to note on page 22 there is a table showing  the Facility storage volumes , tank numbers and the nearest residence. If "Exxon`s South Hook" and "Hess Shannon LNG" were included on the table it would read as below:-
Facility                 LNG Storage              # Tanks      Nearest Home.
"South Hook"         750,000m3                    5                 2,500 feet.
 "Shannon LNG"    800,000 m3                   4                   <400 feet

Then on page 22 this very interesting statement is made:-
"Dominion, the company that owns the LNG terminal at Cove Point, Maryland, has created a booklet for the residents that live near the plant(1 mile +). This booklet contains an Emergency Plan which includes an Evacuation Plan. Their publication asks the question "Why evacuate the area ?"
 "For Safety. Prudent emergency planning dictates that for certain types of emergencies, persons not required to be in the area immediately surrounding the terminal be evacuated to ensure safety and provide a buffer area around the terminal"
     "Public Emergency Response Information"  Dominion Company.
Question:- Why is there NO evacuation plan for the residents of the Public Information Zone(PIZ) for the Exxon "South Hook" or no mention of one at all at the proposed "Shannon LNG"
LNG Terminal?
Another contentious point on page 9, is allowable amount (5kW/m2) of thermal radiation a human being can be exposed to. It is interesting to note that wood can be ignited with the same value of thermal radiation.  Quoted by a Professor James. Fay.
There are NO embarrassing questions about LNG,just embarrassing answers.!!
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