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15th February 2010:  LNG in Boston  - Still a No-Brainer‏

Dear All,
I see in the link above the US Senate candidate Dan Hill has joined the growing ranks of politicians that thinks it is a No Brainer to bring LNG carriers into Boston Harbour from Yemen.
Apparently Federal Intelligence agencies have testified to the US Congress that an attempted terrorist attack against the United States is "certain" within the next 3-6 months !!
Here in Milford Haven Total Power & Gas have signed a 25 year agreement with Exxon`s "South Hook" to bring in LNG Carriers from their own LNG from sources such as Balhaf Terminal in Yemen.
This makes the retiring MHPA CEO`s statement that a  hole in the side of an LNG Carriers containment as being "not credible" look a bit hollow !
Also there seems to be a growing suspicion that a whole lot of Trust Ports will soon (After the Election) be up for sale ! Milford Haven is on the list so I am told. No wonder the Pensions of MHPA employees are being pruned back. (See following attachment trustportsselloffnextprivatisation.pdf )
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