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8th March 2010: Sandia LNG Pool  Fire on Water Tests  - Latest‏

The Sandia Tests appear to be on again.

Dear All,
See link above regarding Sandia National Labs of New Mexico LNG Pool Fire Tests on water, on again after stalling after the first test of 40m diameter was only able to attain a 23m diameter due to large vapour loss (See page 6 of the following  attachment sandialngpoolfiretestsonwater2009.pdf)? Further tests of  70m & 100m had been asked for by the US congress GAO Report.

According to the link these tests and the Cascading Tank failure evaluation are to be completed by the end of 2010.
It is interesting to note that cascading tank failure aboard an LNG carrier is almost a certainty, if there was an  LNG Pool Fire on water from one punctured tank scenario, because the insulation between the tanks is flammable !?

                      L  et`s                    R  easonably
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