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For Background Details of the proposed Shannon LNG, US Fracked Gas Import Terminal on the Shannon Estuary by 'New Fortress Energy' project (with planning permission for the terminal and pipeline now expired) please click here.

Latest News and our Press Releases

November 2nd  2019: Evidence that Shannon LNG is for the Importation of Fracked US Gas.

October 22nd  2019: Green Party Leader Gives Taoiseach the Green Red Line Against US Fracked Gas Imports by Shannon LNG: "This is a Climate Issue of the First Order".

October 21st  2019: Mark Ruffalo warns Ireland and Shannon LNG they are killing Americans: "You are killing people and you are poisoning people and it's not going to be looked upon kindly".

October 17th  2019: European Commission says that Ireland can still remove Shannon LNG from draft Final 4th PCI List.

October 16th  2019: European Commission gives new deadline of 23rd October 2019  for Ireland to remove Shannon LNG from draft Final 4th PCI List.

October 14th  2019: Scientists prove that importing US Fracked Gas  into Ireland is a race to the bottom with a carbon-equivalent footprint 44% greater than coal.

October 12th  2019: Documents on 4th PCI List Approval by Irish Government released under AIE Regulations.

October 3rd  2019: Majority of Irish MEPs tell the EU Commission not to allow Fracked Gas into Ireland via the Projects of Common Interest Process.

October 3rd  2019: Secret Meeting to approve PCI projects in Brussels exposed through AIE Request raises alarm bells that Irish Government deliberately planned all discussion on Fracked Gas in the Irish Energy Mix to only take place after Special Status was already given.

September 9th  2019: Submission Raises Serious Questions over Irish Gas Projects on the PCI List.

February 15th 2019: Irish High Court delivers Killer blow to US Fracked Gas Imports by 'New Fortress Energy'

November 15th 2018: M.E.P. Sean Kelly is asked to declare his position on Fracked Gas in the Irish Energy Mix following his attendance at Regional Gathering of the National Dialogue on Climate Action.

September 17th 2018: US Fracking Giant's attempts to flout Ireland's legal Boycott of Fracked Gas a game changer that puts the whole Shannon LNG project in doubt.

September 7th  2018:   Shannon LNG planning permission put on hold in Dublin High Court

March 14th  2018:  EU Parliament breaching its own SEA Directive by approving EU Energy Programme of Projects of Common Interest (PCI)   without any Environmental Assessment or consideration of reasonable alternatives..

- PCI Directive states that All Projects on the PCI list must be "allocated the status of highest national significance possible" and that "authorisation should be given to projects which have an adverse impact on the environment for reasons of overriding public interest"

- door opened for legal challenge

February 22nd 2018: Over One Thousand people object to Shannon LNG Extension of Planning.
23 Environmental Groups unite in common cause against Shannon LNG. 

February 12th 2018: Complaint against An Bord Pleanala for breach of planning laws in Shannon LNG decision.
Calls for suspension of Shannon LNG application to extend expiring planning permission until complaint is adjudicated on .

February 8th 2018: An Bord Pleanala, in a breach of trust, decides that extending the expiring planning permission for the proposed Shannon LNG terminal is a "Material Change" and then, 26 days later, changes its mind.

December 13th 2013: Senator Ned O'Sullivan attacks the Judiciary as he describes High Court judge's decision against Shannon LNG as "Appalling" .

December 11th 2013High Court ruling against Shannon LNG Saves the Irish People One Billion Euros and highlights Cabinet Minister's attack on the Democratic process.
Decision entirely vindicates position of Shannon LNG opponents as the truth comes out in the end.

November 21st 2013:
High Court decision due but postponed.

March 13th 2013: Shannon LNG High Court case ends after 7 days - judgement reserved

January 28th 2013: EU fact-finding trip to proposed LNG site on the Shannon Estuary a major embarrassment for Irish planning authorities

July 10th 2012: Shannon LNG Project Officially Postponed

June 30th 2012: As Irish Energy Regulator delivers killer blow to Hess LNG/Shannon LNG project, Irish  politicians and officials are accused of misleading the general public on the hidden Shannon LNG subsidy loophole.

June 29th 2012:  The Commission for Energy Regulation publishes final decision paper on the Regulatory Treatment of the BGE interconnectors.

March 22nd 2012: 'Safety Before LNG' condemns illegal political interference with the independent energy regulator for the benefit of Shannon LNG as an attack on the democratic process.

March 13th 2012: Irish Regulator ruling on proposed gas interconnector tariff outlawing monopoly pricing and anti-competitive behaviour to cost Shannon LNG €1 billion over 13 years and seriously compromises the project according to Hess LNG CEO Gordon Shearer.

February 17th 2012: The Commission for Energy Regulatioin publishes proposed decision paper on the Regulatory Treatment of the BGE interconnectors

December 6th 2011:  Major criticism by Irish Minister for Energy of "windfall gain" to US Multinational 'HESS' a dramatic game-changer that could spell end of Shannon LNG project.

10th August 2011: ESB accuses Shannon LNG of "free-riding" on the services that the gas interconnector provides

July 1st  2011: The Commission for Energy Regulation publishes consulation paper on the Regulatory Treatment of the BGE interconnectors.

14th June 2011: Hess LNG publicly pulls out of Fall River LNG project at Massachusetts.

May 25th 2011:  Hess LNG threats to pull out of Irish Shannon LNG project dismissed as an anti-competitive charade to avoid €22.5 million annual levy at expense of Irish consumers; appeal of CER decision to the Competition Authority and EU on the cards.

May 21st 2011: Irish Cabinet Minister Jimmy Deenihan Threatens Irish Energy Regulator over Shannon LNG project.

Jan 4th 2011:
The Commission for Energy Regulation publishes first consulation paper on the Regulatory Treatment of the BGE interconnectors in relation to security of gas supply

19th August 2010: Endesa plans to convert former ESB station at Tarbert from fuel to gas put on hold by An Bord Pleanála and local T.D. criticised for encouraging anti-competitive behaviour by Shannon LNG

23rd April 2010: Foreshore Licence given without SEA proves double standards in Ireland and condemned as Legal Corruption and a breach of the Public Trust Doctrine.

21st April 2010: 'Safety Before LNG' uncovers plans by Bord Gais to build a second 26-kilometre gas pipeline to Tarbert independent of Shannon LNG.

20th April 2010: 'Safety Before LNG' says it has no choice but to break a local taboo and opppose the Endesa gas project until a Strategic Assessment is completed as requested by the EU Commission; says Endesa will become a hostage to Hess/Shannon LNG gas.

15th April 2010: 'Safety Before LNG' to appeal CER decision to grant Shannon LNG 25 years exemption from regulated third-party access to the European Commission claiming that 42% of its inital LNG supply going to 450 MW Endesa and 250 MW Shannon LNG power stations gives it pivitol supplier status. CER decision will make Endesa a hostage to Shannon LNG gas.

10th April 2010: EU Commission finds more than 10,000 people affected by Shannon LNG project and finds that Strategic Assessment is first required as per EU Directive

18th March 2010: FOI Revelation that Kerry Councillor earns over €100,000 in expenses over 5 years reignites rezoning controversy

8th March 2010: Shannon LNG Investment decision could drag on further than next year says Hess CEO Gordon Shearer

23rd February 2010  : Bord Gais CEO confirms Shannon LNG gas will be for export

10th December 2009: CER Refusal to Require LNG Marine Risk Assessment Condemned

12th May 2009: Energy Conference in Tarbert discusses alternatives to Shannon LNG project

28th March 2009:  Letter to the Farmer's Journal printed on March 28th 2009 -
                               Shannon LNG   A dirty money-making project

10th March 2009: Massive SemEuro Petroleum Storage Facility in Tarbert put on hold

3rd March 2009: Deputy told that LNG is a fossil fuel

October 17th 2008: Kilcolgan Residents Association / Safety Before LNG formally request CER to consider media reports of an internal CER Memo stating that gas prices would rise by about 15% once Shannon LNG started production.

August 24th 2008: Maeve Sheehan of the Irish Independent reports on an internal memo from the Independent Energy Regulator circulated in July 2008 attributing rising cost of gas to declining use of the interconnector.