Safety Before LNG
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Press Releases

20th January 2010: Irish Statutory Body rules on the Consequences of Accidents Chief Technical Advisor at the Department of Energy argues that evaluating the consequences and not just the probability of accidents in the Corrib Pipeline Decision has created a precedent which would have the effect of prohibiting all significant infrastructure developments
6th July 2009: 'Safety Before LNG'  Submission to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Climate Change and Energy Security on Meeting Ireland's Electricity Needs post 2020
March 2009: 'Transparency International': In Ireland, "legal corruption" of "personal relationships, patronage, political favours and political donations are believed to influence political decisions and policy to a considerable degree"
December 22nd 2008: Fehily, Timoney and Co. cleared of any wrongdoing by Kerry County Council in SEA it undertook of draft County Development Plan 2009-2015
24th August 2008:  Internal CER memo says gas prices will rise 15% with arrival of Shannon LNG due to fixed charges that must  still be paid on the gas interconnectors with the UK
28th April 2008: 'Safety Before LNG' Submission to the Petroleum Exploration and Extraction (Safety) Bill 2007
7th September 2007: How Preconsultation Meetings to determine if a project can qualify as Strategic Infrastructure under the new Strategic Infrastructure Act 2006 held in Secret by An Bord Pleanála compromise the planning process due to withholding of vital information on projects - the Shannon LNG example